Experts in Modern Data Platforms for SAP Customers
Unlocking your data and providing insight

Services we provide

Modern Data Platform

We design and build modern data platforms with a choice of major cloud platforms; Accelerator for SAP Customers


We work with major analytics tools to turn your data into business insight and improve decision making

IOT and Big data

We work with sensor and edge device providers to stream data back to your modern data platform with efficient big data storage

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

We design and build ML & AI algorithms the enhance your analytics and feed back into your core business processes

Strategy and Architecture

We provide strategy and architecture advice across modern data platforms, integration and custom development

Unique experience in both Enterprise Solutions and modern data platforms

More than moving your ERP to the Cloud, ability to to innovate and differentiate while protecting your core enterprise solutions

About Us

Our founders each have over 18 years experience each with SAP ERP, Data & Analytics and custom development

We delivered our first cloud native solution on AWS in 2013, combining analytics with a geo spatial mobile web app and SAP ERP back end

Business Process Expertise

Financial Reporting

We have accounting expertise and understand the nuances in financial reporting

Plan to Manage

Visualise business performance and issues for business unit manager and executives, plan and forecast future results and scenarios

Sales and Profitability Analysis

Analyse sale and profitability by custom products and relevant segmentations

Supply Chain Optimisation

Visualise your supply chain, identify current issues and opportunity and preface future issues and opportunities for optimisation

Asset Management

Visualise your asset portfolio and maintenance performance, facilitate risk and condition-based maintenance planning and asset replacement